There is certainly no shortage of gardening blogs floating about these days, but how do you know which ones are reputable and which ones aren’t? Any old Joe with a shovel and a dog can publish content on the internet, which tends to make the whole thing rather over-saturated. It also makes it difficult to determine what is credible and what isn’t. Back in the day, gardeners relied on books and knowledge passed down from older generations. For instance, one of the most reliable texts on the medicinal use of plants and herbs is Culpepper’s, which was initially published in 1649.

Gardening is something people get involved in for a wide variety of reasons. For some people, it is simply a hobby and a means of relaxing, while for others it is a project that they become completely immersed in. Of course, there are also those that garden because they want to be self-sufficient, and then there are professional gardeners that do this for a living. Whatever your reasons behind taking an interest in gardening, there is no doubt that this is something that brings people a lot of joy. Not only that, but it also creates areas of natural beauty and enables you to enjoy your own little slice of paradise at home.


These days, things are very different now that we live in a digital age. This means that accessing information about gardening is far easier, although you do have a lot more information to sift through. This has its good points and its bad points. On a good note, it means that no matter what aspect of gardening you are interested in, you will find plenty of information online to help you. On the downside, with so much information to get through it can become a real challenge to look through it all and actually find out what you need to know. And once you do find information, how can you know it’s reliable without pouring your own time, and possibly money, into testing it out?


With many gardening blogs available online, it can take some time to go through one after another to see which ones have the most comprehensive and accurate information. However, we have done the hard work for you by creating a list of the top ten gardening blogs. These are blogs that are packed with information and useful tips designed to cater to gardeners of all levels.

Though the internet can be a useful tool for gleaning pertinent knowledge in the world of gardening, sometimes swift, simple answers are all that are needed to solve a garden-related problem. For instance, perhaps your wisteria has been stubborn in its willingness to blossom this year. A quick search on a gardening blog can bring up all the possible reasons why this may have happened.

Through a thorough and painstaking process, we finally whittled the list of the best, most reputable gardening blogs out there, down to only ten. We will cover each of the following in detail:

  • A Garden For All
  • Gardens (by The Guardian)
  • You Grow Girl
  • AZ Plant Lady
  • Blooming Desert’s Daily Dirt
  • Washington Gardener
  • May Dreams Gardens
  • Cold Climate Gardening
  • Garden Therapy
  • Natural Gardening

1. A Garden For All

Garden For All

A Garden For All is written by the lovely Kathy Diemer, a passionate and knowledgeable gardener who has been inspiring and enlightening her readers since 2012. But Kathy’s story isn’t all roses. In 2015 she lost her home and all of her belongings in a devastating fire. This was a tragedy that imparted just how important the part that plants played in her life was. Not just a goddess of the garden, Kathy also spends time as an animal rescue volunteer. She lives and tends a gorgeous garden in Connecticut.

A Garden For All is a thoroughly educational and entertaining blog for garden lovers worldwide. Kathy covers a wide range of topics with eloquence and panache: from flower planting to the making of maple syrup, information on containers and what to plant in them, and information about the gorgeous botanical gardens on the east coast. The blog has an extremely natural and personal feel, which makes it an absolute pleasure to read.

In addition to plenty of useful tips and information, you will find some beautiful and colorful images on the blog. You can link with ease to each of the fascinating blog posts on the site, all of which are packed with information. As a hands-on gardener with over three decades of experience, Kathy certainly knows what she is talking about when it comes to all things gardening, which makes her blog an excellent choice for gardening enthusiasts of all levels.

Where to read:

2. Gardens (by The Guardian)

The Guardian

Gardens is brought to you by The Guardian, a British daily newspaper which had its inception in the 1820s. Gardens is a blog packed with information and interesting features. With articles from a variety of experts in the field, alongside how-to guides, and knowledgeable hints and tips, Gardens is one of the most impressive and comprehensive gardening blogs available today.

The articles are submitted frequently and are easily accessible. This includes the reader-favorite What To Do This Week column. Gardens brings you new ideas in relation to what bulbs and flowers to plant, how to plant them, and advice on how to look after them. From how to grow seasonal vegetables to tips for pruning, Gardens has information for all of your gardening needs.

The great thing about this blog is that the features come from a variety of different experts from the world of gardening. This means you get to enjoy a broad range of gardening content covering a huge variety of different topics. For those that want to delve more into specific areas of gardening or simply want to know what the experts are up to, this is a blog that will make for a very interesting reading.

Where to read:

3. You Grow Girl

You Grow Girl

Despite the somewhat quirky name, You Grow Girl is a valuable gardening resource for beginners, especially those in urban areas. Started by Gayla Trail in the year 2000, You Grow Girl has become a huge success. Gayla has also written and published several books on the subject, showcasing her expertise when it comes to the world of gardening.

If you are a newcomer to the world of gardening, You Grow Girl is the blog for you. The blog presents ideas on what to grow, covers the basics (like reusing seed pots), and even includes fun little extras like downloadable and printable greeting cards. You can even find articles on growing marijuana (in legal states), so this is certainly quite a diverse and fascinating blog to get stuck into!

In terms of design, this online blog is attractive and eye-catching with some great images to accompany the blog posts. If you are keen on becoming self-sufficient and you want to grow your own fruit and veg, this is definitely the right blog. You will find tips and articles that will make it easy to grow everything from deliciously sweet tomatoes to vitamin-rich leafy greens.

Where to read:

4. AZ Plant Lady


A very interesting blog, AZ Plant Lady focuses on something a little different: growing plants in the arid deserts of Arizona. Written by Noelle Johnson–a certified arborist, horticulturist, and landscape consultant–the blog is an extremely interesting and educational experience.

Of great benefit to those who live in the southwestern states, the AZ Plant Lady covers growing and cultivating plants in a hot, dry climate. Noelle also has a great many articles on landscaping, as well as how to plan and layout your southwestern garden. For those of you who don’t live in the southwest, the blog is definitely still worth checking out. For lovers of gardening and landscaping, the AZ Plant Lady makes for great reading.

One of the things you will love about this blog is that it’s like reading a story. You can read all about the author’s personal experiences when it comes to gardening and plants, which makes for a much more interesting read than simple facts. You can also enjoy immersing yourself even further in the story thanks to the strong images and photos that accompany each of the posts on the blog.

Where to read:

5. Get Busy Gardening


The Get Busy Gardening blog is one that is informative, attractive, and interesting. This is a blog that is ideal for those that are pretty new to the world of gardening but want to learn as much as possible so they can make a success of their gardening efforts. If you are considering getting your garden into shape or if you are looking to take up gardening as a hobby, this is a great blog to get you started.

When you go onto the blog, you will find a wide variety of very useful and easy to understand articles that cover various gardening topics. Some topic examples include how to care for lavender plants, how to trellis grapes in your garden, and even how to efficiently clean your fish pond.

Another great thing about this site–in addition to the content itself–is the fact that it is a very streamlined site that is nicely designed. Everything is well laid out and easy to access, and the blogs are accompanied by colorful photos. You will also find a variety of useful categories that you can browse to get the most relevant information such as techniques, growing food, and houseplants amongst others.

Where to read:

6. Washington Gardener


Washington Gardener is an award-winning gardening magazine for the Maryland, DC, and Virginia areas. This blog was named as one of the “Top 10 Gardening Magazines and Ezines to Follow In 2018”, and also recently received the 2018 Garden Writers’ Association (GWA) Media Awards Silver Medal of Achievement.

An extremely practical, hands-on blog, the Washington Gardener covers everything gardeners need to know, from how to rabbit-proof your crops, to how to make a cotton wreath. The Washington Gardener has a very local feel, which is always welcome in the world of gardening. There’s no pretense or ‘hot this very minute’ coverage. It’s simply a gardening magazine for gardeners. There’s a reason why it is award-winning, and this will become evident when you visit the blog.

You will find a huge variety of information on this blog, which makes it ideal for gardeners of all levels. In addition to a range of very enjoyable features, you will also find tips and hints, quality photos, and plenty of information to get you going in the garden. Attractive, informative, and often humorous, this is a gardening blog that many gardeners of all levels will relate to.

Where to read:

7. May Dreams Gardens


A whimsical and sweet blog, May Dreams Gardens pays respects to all things gardening. Written by author Carol J. Michel, this gardening blog is an educational and sometimes humorous read. Not only has May Dreams Gardens won awards, but Carol’s books have too.

This is a blog that has plenty of excellent posts and features for you to peruse through, each of which has attractive photos and images to accompany it. The articles on the site combine stories, tips, practical information, and easy-reading articles relating to gardening.

If you are looking for a gardening blog that is simple to understand, has plenty of diverse information, caters to a range of levels, and is attractive, this is a great place to start. You can also access details of gardening resources via the site, making it a great choice if you are in the throes of developing your gardening knowledge.

Where to read:

8. Cold Climate Gardening


Much like the AZ Plant Lady, here’s another gardening blog pertaining to certain geographical climates. Cold Climate Gardening is a wonderful little blog that caters to our fellow gardeners in the colder regions of this fair country.

Written by upstate New Yorker Kathy Purdy, Cold Climate Gardening is an invaluable resource for anyone living in conditions which can get relatively chilly. Featuring a great ‘frequently asked questions’ section, and informative posts pertaining to certain plants and flowers, the blog is a very handy tool.

You will find a range of categories that you can browse when you visit this site. Some of these include Food, DIY, Cottage Gardening, and Plant Info amongst others. This enables you to access a broad range of content covering various aspects of gardening.

Where to read:

9. Garden Therapy


Garden Therapy is a brilliant blog for all things gardening and garden related. Recipes, crafts, and projects for the garden are all covered with passion and love. A great site for inspiration and project ideas, Garden Therapy, is always a fun and interesting place to stop by. The projects and ideas featured on the blog have been so popular, in fact, that the lady behind it all, Stephanie Rose, has even had a book published based on the blog.

You can enjoy some great articles on this blog, not just in relation to actual gardening, but also ideas for creating a relaxing garden space. For instance, you can read tips on how to create an outdoor living area in your garden. With the diverse array of features and articles that can be found on this blog, you will find plenty to keep you busy and provide you with inspiration.

Where to read:

10. Natural Gardening


Nature and gardening go hand in hand, which is exactly what this interesting blog focuses on. This is a gardening blog that is very simple in terms of its layout and structure. However, it also has some fascinating insights and articles for gardeners of all levels to enjoy. In addition, you can enjoy the attractive photos that go with the features and make them all the more enjoyable to read.

There are plenty of great tips and pieces of advice that you can pick up when you go onto this blog, which includes advice on year-round vegetable gardening and creating a beautiful garden landscape. With so much to choose from, you will have no problem finding plenty of information that is perfectly suited to your needs and interests.

One of the great things about this blog is its sheer simplicity. You won’t find yourself on a site that is bogged down with content or packed with images. It is simple, to the point, and makes for a very pleasant and easy read for those who are into gardening.

Where to read:

The Verdict

As you can see, there are many great blogs that you can access in order to learn more about gardening, pick up helpful hints and tips, or simply for some light reading. No matter what level you’re at when it comes to gardening, you will never struggle to find fascinating articles and useful information in blogs such as the ones on our list. So, if you consider yourself a gardening enthusiast, or you simply fancy learning more about becoming green-thumbed, take a look through these top gardening blogs.

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