Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply (PVFGS) is the online organic farm supply company behind They started back in 1976 out of a shed on Peaceful Valley Road. This humble start supported a tiny four-page catalog and would build into one leader in organic farm supplies.

The business grew from a tiny shed to a modern warehouse with 15,500 square feet of storage for over 5,000 products. In 1985 the original owners suffered a huge loss when the business burned to the ground. They could recover and sold the re-invented company in 1989 to the current owners, Eric and Patty Boudier.

They commit PVGS to support of organic and veganic farming in the United States. Their products ship all over the country and they often include a significant saving via special shipping codes, sales from their newsletter, online codes and discount programs.



Many people assume organic farming just means not using pesticides, growth hormones or other chemicals in farm products. As an industry, it is far more than skipping a few products. Organic farming started in the 20th century as a nature-based agriculture system to be an alternative to the move towards using synthetic chemicals in farming.

It goes well beyond developing safer ways to combat pest infestations to include practices that support better uses of land, safer ways to maintain natural predators to insects that threaten crops and ways to support the long-term health of the fields.

Organic farms look to methods like crop rotations, mixed crop growing, companion planting and supporting insect predator populations to keep farms sustainable. Companies like PVGS support organic farmers with a full range of products like biological pest control products, seeds that meet organic standards, eco-friendly harvesting supports and more.

While organic farmers often use a product like manure or compost to fertilize their crops, there are farmers that take organic farming one step further to make it veganic. These farmers use no animal-based product as a part of their farms. They would not use chicken manure for example because it ties directly to the use of chickens as a food product.


GROWORGANIC offers over 5,000 products to support organic farming best practices. They label each of the products sold on this site if they are Certified Organic, approved as a part of Certified Organic Production or not yet rated on one of those scales. Even products that have not been certified have been evaluated by PVFGS to follow organic farming standards.

Because education is a large part of their business, the staff of almost 60 at PVFGS are available to answer questions about specific products that may not be certified. They also offer a full range of educational videos on the site to support organic farming education.

The website groups products into the following categories:

  • Vegetable Seeds
  • Growing Supplies
  • Soil Health
  • Fertilizers
  • Weed & Pest Control
  • Watering & Drip Irrigation
  • Quality Tools
  • Lawn & Cover Crop Seeds
  • Potatoes
  • Flowers & Bulbs
  • Harvesting Equipment
  • Kitchen Essentials
  • Assorted Plant Groups

They approve the seeds sold on the site for organic farming. This means it has not treated that with synthetic chemicals. First-time organic farmers may not realize even the seeds they use can be treated with chemicals, so it is important to take special care to buy only seeds they do not treat.

Growing supplies listed for sale include materials that support mixed crops, alternative growing procedures and soil monitoring tools. They also support hydro-growing activities, seedling germination, and greenhouse use.

Under the category of soil health, customers find products that support composting, natural soil conditioners, materials that improve soil hydration and mixed crop cover products. This group also includes several naturally occurring acids someone can use that increase the soil nutrients.

Fertilizers cover everything from a traditional manure-based product to mixes specifically for certain mineral needs. For many organic farmers, their choice for fertilizers comes down to science, and the website offers customers products to support their unique land needs.

When looking at weed and pest control, it surprises shoppers to find farmers buying insects. Not all bugs are created equal on a farm, and there are some beneficial insects that work hard to keep the pest at bay. Beyond these helpers, customers can find other natural remedies to fight both weeds and harmful infestation. The site also sells a full range of oils, sprays, and harmless traps for any pest need.

Irrigation supplies become important for many organic farmers to support mixed crops. This group includes special timers, drip systems, and tools that enable fertigation. Fertigation is when farmers combine organic materials as fertilizers with irrigation to support safer farm products.

Items like the quality tools, kitchen essentials, and harvesting equipment support best practices for sustainable land use. They focus on moving away from disposable garden tools to well-crafted tools made to last.

They tie a big part of organic farming to making the best use of crops and land via careful planning to accommodate mix crops and year-round uses for the land. This is supported by cover crop seeds and other products that support multiple uses for the land.


Groworganic offers several ways to save money when buying organic farming supports. From their early starts in that tiny shed, PVFGS has always fostered a connection to their customers via a newsletter. Signing up for their online newsletter gives customers access to sales, shipping deals, promotions and more. It also offers a bonus of 10% off the first order after sign-up.

Once customers get the weekly newsletters, they also get access to exclusive discounts on products that the site features in educational videos. These videos share helpful tips, new products and updates for organic farming best practices.

Another way to access codes shoppers can use to get discounts on their favorite online shopping sites like Groworganic is to sign up with a site that tracks discount codes. One example is They often have codes for 10% off or more on total purchase or other deals.

While the staff and owners of PVFGS work hard to bring these organic supports to homeowners, and hobbyist at the best prices possible, there are times other retailers may have a better price on certain items. This is why the company offers a price matching policy that asks customers to present documentation of a better price, and the company will match it on same products.

The company also offers special pricing programs for those who buy in bulks including unique pricing for farmers, schools and landscaping companies. Contacting customer service directly about these pricing programs can lead to significant discounts on bulk purchases.

Checking the website often for new deals can help a customer get even bigger discounts. During peak planting times they often offer sales on seed orders after one buys a certain number of seed packets. Discounts of a new total system purchase or end of season deals on clearance items.

When ordering online, shipping can play a huge role in the overall affordability of a product. This retailer offers discounted shipping for a variety of customer needs to make items budget friendly. This includes flat rate shipping for smaller items under 14 lbs. There is also a step up for flat rate shipping rates for heavier boxes up to 40 lbs. For shoppers only buying seed packets, there is often a deal for free shipping.

Shipping plants can be a challenge and costly, but not if shoppers buy in bulk to use the shipping discounts. For example, shipping up to ten bare root trees at a time only costs $29.99. They can ship potted trees and vines in groups of nine or less for $19.99. Planning to order trees and plants in groups is the best way to use these discount prices.


Organic Farming

To get the best deals on everything tied to organic farming, connecting with the retailer is key. They can do this through their newsletter, education activities and website. Taking this one step further to monitor online discount codes can also lead to big savings.

The owners at PVGFS also work hard to make discounts available to bulk shoppers that include schools, farms and landscaping companies. It is always a good idea to contact the company directly to see if they offer special price breaks for any bulk order needs. Using their price matching policy is another way to access sale prices.

Because the staff on site are always updating video content on the website with new products, it is also a great idea to stay current with their videos online. They often have substantial sales on featured products, and the educational videos showcase new uses for many items.

Sales and discount codes are not the only ways to save. Taking special care to use shipping discounts and special offers can also help to lower overall costs. This includes buying during seed sales with free shipping, ordered larger numbers of trees to ship for one set cost and flat rate shipping.

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