Do you want your outdoor space to look like stunning magazine pictures? It all starts with designs, plans, and landscapes. Garden landscaping is a wonderful hobby that can be taken to the next level simply by paying attention to design details.

A landscaped garden can instantly become a work of art with the right amount of love, care, and creativity. All you have to do is slip into the mindset of designers, gardeners, or landscapers and let your imagination run free with your patio or front or back yard.

photo of girl in garden lanscaping center.

Garden landscaping center.

Just to give you a quick overview of our garden landscaping guide for a magical place, here are a few of the questions we are going to address:

  • How do you get garden landscaping ideas?
  • Is it better to go to a landscape garden center or small shops?
  • What cost is involved for a green, fresh, lovely landscape?

Landscape Garden Center Buying Tips

1. Weigh Your Options

If you were to create a minimap with landscape garden centers, the image you get would surprise you. The decision might be hard to make, but my advice is to take a moment to analyze all of the opportunities you have at hand. You will always find inexpensive alternatives if you look closely enough. In the end, no rock, flowerbed, lawn mower, or lights can be impossible to find at a decent price.

2. Humble Beginning

No matter how tempted you might be to create an extravagant, award-winning landscape from the start, it is highly recommended that you begin with a small garden. We know, the thought of not giving 100% from the start might leave the enthusiasts club with their mouths dry, but it’s for the best. Experience has taught us that even if you begin a garden in 2010 and keep working on it until today the results will be fantastic.

3. Personal Compost

Your investment can be considerably narrowed down simply by making your own supplies, when possible. Compost, for example (and very likely the most important garden landscape supply you will need), can be made at home, through cold composting or hot composting. This will not only save you money on commercial compost, but you will also be certain that the compost you use does not harm the environment.

flower garden landscaping

Flower garden landscape example.

Flower Garden Landscape Ideas

4. Seasonal Theme

One of the best garden landscape ideas is to make a seasonal selection of the flowers you plant. For example, spring flowers can create a gorgeous image for the season of rebirth. Tulips in pastel shades will be a harmonious addition to any garden. This way you can enhance the idea of nature and design a color scheme that will be a sheer pleasure for guests to view.

5. Color Code

Another one of our favorite garden landscaping ideas is to design by color. You can choose two or three main shades to ‘paint’ your landscape, or even make a bold step as to create a rainbow of flowers throughout your garden. Regardless of your preferences, your garden will shine with a well-planned color scheme.

6. Curving Borders

A main theme among tasteful garden landscapes is to build curving borders with flower beds. This style gives your entire lawn a dynamic and artsy feeling all at the same time. If you are planning to design your front landscape, in particular, you can easily apply the ideas of curves as borders. Be careful with the mathematic part of your design and make a sketch plan beforehand for symmetry.

Fruit & Vegetable Garden Landscaping Ideas

7. Geometry

When it comes to fruit or vegetable garden landscaping ideas, your best bet is to incorporate geometry into your initial design plan. Some of the most adopted styles are squares, rectangles, cross shapes and any other geometric forms that involve sharp corners. Make sure to take small paths in between garden beds into consideration so you can water your fruits and vegetables with ease.

8. Go Vertical

Whoever said that you have to limit your landscape to the horizontal space you have at hand? You can always extend your fruit or vegetable garden by choosing plants that grow vertically. This way you can save space and add dynamism to your landscape. We recommend this garden landscaping tip especially to those who don’t have a large yard to work with.

9. Raised Beds

Just like the vertical solution, raised garden beds are an excellent option for those who have limited space or who don’t want to dig directly into their soil. Raised garden beds are also very pleasant to look at and you can customize their borders and walls. For instance, if you have white garden furniture, you can paint the edges of your raised garden bed in white to match (this applies to any color, of course).

Details for a Magical Garden Landscape

10. Furniture

A nice touch for any landscape is to add furniture (if your garden space allows you to). This is an exceptional way to make your garden more welcoming and suitable for spending time with guests. Garden furniture comes in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors and materials, so you are bound to find a set that will fit your budget and preferences.

11. Fairy Garden

You never have to limit your garden to just basic elements. You can create a magical corner of your garden all on its own simply by creating a fairy garden. Get creative with various types of miniature furniture and design the pathways to attract fairies to your lawn. Remember that there are no rules here, the sweeter and more detailed the fairy garden is, the greater visual impact it will have.

12. Make it Yours

In the end, your garden is a reflection of your personality. The #1 best tip for creating a magical garden landscape is to put your personal mark on your work. After you get a hand of sketching out your landscape and learning a bit about gardening, you will soon see that the more personal you make your garden, the more appealing it will be. Don’t be afraid to unleash your creativity!

Small or large, classic or modern, simple or complex, cheap or expensive, English or Japanese style, country or city setting – any garden you could ever imagine can look nothing less than magnificent. The secret to a Zen garden is landscape, and any designer or gardener can confirm it.

Also, the options for designing your garden landscape are numerous; you can search for professionals who have jobs in this field or build your own DIY garden. Let your imagination run wild, with the only condition that your garden idea will be sustainable in the future.

There are plenty of services you can improvise, with the help of tools like free software, supplies (rocks, a gate, trips to a garden nursery, a low maintenance sprinkler system for watering, affordable lighting, raised beds for flowers, timber, a self-built path and so on.

From Perth to London, to even small towns like Stowe or Sioux Falls, the surrounding areas of homes can become enchanted, picture perfect, and genuinely unique through the employment of creative garden landscaping.

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