Having an oasis in your very own backyard lawn or patio is a delightful experience for those who love welcoming guests to their homes. Designing a beautiful garden has also got easier, and the garden furniture is often the main touch that can completely transform your green space into a stylish room.

A garden, in particular, is a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of nature while catching up with your closest friends and family members. Take advantage of your leisure time when the weather is fine by creating your own home bistro with chic garden furniture. We’ll show you how below.

Planning for Garden Furniture

First of all, when searching for varieties of garden furniture, you should know that you can also find these pieces as outdoor furniture, patio furniture or lawn furniture. This will help you access a wider range of pieces to choose from so you know that you’re making an investment that mirrors your personality.

After that, you will need to answer a few personal questions to get a better feel of how you want your garden to look and what vibe you want to convey:

  • Do you want the setting to be formal? Semi-formal? Casual?
  • What colors reflect the general atmosphere of your garden? Black? White? Brown?
  • What materials represent your tastes the best? Metal? Wood? Wicker?
  • What amount are you willing to invest for garden furniture?
  • What garden space do you have at hand?

Once you have answered all of these questions you can continue with discovering the numerous types of furniture you can add to your garden.

You can live in Palm Beach or a city in the UK, shop at Ikea, Argos, Homebase, ASDA, Walmart, B&Q (B Q), Costco, EBay, KS outlet stores, or even make your own waterproof and weatherproof garden furniture. Your possibilities are limitless.

Even more so, you can get an even better impact by creating miniature or fairy garden sets, all complete with tiny treasures that children will love. If you’re working with a tight budget, you can always hunt for the clearance sale season to get quality contemporary furniture or a replacement piece at a great price.

Also, you can venture into DIY plans for the cheapest alternative to used garden furniture, which you will treasure even more. If you find a spot left on the wood you use, you can always use a layer of furniture oil or stain to cover it up.

Below you will find a selection of popular types of garden furniture, classified according to colors and materials.

Garden Furniture by Color

No matter if you choose a black, grey, or white set, Oxford, French, antique/ vintage, rustic or Victorian styles, a sofa, or a seater with covers, or cushions, or a 6 or 8 seat table, a cheap wholesale selection or a luxury one, furniture in your garden is an amazing way to boost the energy and state of well-being in the area that surrounds your home.

Black Garden Furniture

One of the most admired types of garden furniture is black or painted in this color. As this shade is very dark, you can transform virtually any type of furniture by painting it.

On the other hand, there are multiple materials that already come in this color, especially those made from metal. Black garden furniture is suitable for a discrete presence and can be applied to both formal and casual gardens. The best example of black garden furniture is that made from wrought iron.

White Garden Furniture

garden furniture white photo

White garden furniture has a unique elegance that really cannot be replaced by other colors. While it is indeed more challenging to maintain – like all pieces of white furniture –, choosing this shade for your garden pieces will make them a chic and tasteful addition to your yard. It has a wonderful visual impact, thanks to the contrast from colorful flowers.

White garden furniture can be made from metal, wood, wicker, plastic or any other kind of material – it will look just as fabulous on any of them.

Brown Garden Furniture

If you want a natural, rustic and earthy approach to your garden, you can always go for brown furniture made from wood. Any shades from light beige to dark brown will look marvelous in any garden, enhancing the connection with nature.

Like black garden furniture, brown furniture will work very well for any garden style. If you plan on using brown garden furniture made from wood, we recommend that you go for an interesting design to boost the visual effect of the set.

Grey Garden Furniture

Surprisingly, grey garden furniture has a highly similar impact to white garden furniture. Both of these choices express refinement and sophistication and look splendid in any flower garden. If you want to work with grey for your garden, you can choose elaborate pieces, such as a sofa or armchair, to make it an even more relaxing place.

In this regard, you can browse for grey garden furniture that reflects living room pieces, for example, to complete the final look of your yard.

metal garden furniture photo

Metal garden furniture example.

Garden Furniture by Material

In the past few years, simple gardens have reached the next level and turned into outdoor dining rooms, complete with wooden (wood), wrought iron, pallet, rattan, ridge, cast, teak hardwood, plastic, round, cube, metal or wicker furniture, as well as an abundance of flowers to complete the environment.

Metal Garden Furniture

Possibly the most popular material for garden furniture of them all is metal. Wrought iron or steel, for instance, are excellent choices for any outdoor leisure space. You can make them comfortable by purchasing cushions or small pillows in the color of your choice.

If you want to boost the idea of color in your garden, we recommend that you choose colorful pillows to match your selection of flowers. If you want to keep your furniture monochrome and the focus on the colors of your garden, go for black, white or grey seat cushions.

Wood Garden Furniture

Like we mentioned before, wood is a delightful option for gardens that aim to maintain an all-natural look. Nevertheless, if you do choose wooden furniture for your garden, make sure the pieces are placed away from potential rainfall or covered with a large umbrella.

Alternatively, you can purchase waterproof wood furniture from the beginning to avoid any problems altogether. Cedar, teak, eucalyptus or oak are all fine for outdoor furniture, as long as you take care of them.

Wicker Garden Furniture

If you want an environmentally-friendly approach to your garden, wicker is the way to go. It blends in perfectly with a natural setting and doesn’t lower the visual effect of the flowers in your garden.

Wicker furniture is made from rattan, a material that is praised for being long-lasting (some claim their wicker garden furniture lasts even fifteen years!). Wicker pieces are usually affordable and can fit into most budgets, and they also look beautiful.

Plastic Garden Furniture

The most inexpensive choice for outdoor furniture is plastic. Even though some might steer clear of plastic furniture precisely for this reason (to not create a cheap image of their garden), you should know that plastic outdoor furniture can look genuinely neat if designed well.

In addition to this fact, another advantage of plastic garden furniture is that it doesn’t require heavy maintenance. The surface of plastic allows for quick and efficient cleaning that won’t take a lot of time.

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