The art and craft of gardening is a beautiful experience from beginning to end. To see how mental images and ideas take shape through design and then into gorgeous gardens filled with flowers is truly a sight to behold. Learn how to pick the right garden flowers and create the perfect outdoor space with the free tips below.

flower garden plan sketch

Example of flower garden plan (design).

Plan Your Flower Garden Area

If you want your flower garden layout to be of Epcot International Flower Festival quality, you need to work on your layout first. This means that, in addition to studying flower names, designing and planning need to be taken care of before planting.

The best way to start your flower garden is by diving into layouts and ideas. Create a list of the most popular designs and take a common idea to the next level. For this, you need to:

  • Create a simple sketch to outline the area around your home you want to dedicate to your garden.
  • Consider every border, cottage, pot, quilt, metal gate and container, as well as all banks, trees, and beds.

Beginners have the advantage of starting off with a clean canvas – they can choose any plants, pots or plans their heart desires. While many choose to start a vegetable garden for their home, an equal amount of individuals are drawn to the aesthetics of a flower garden.

Looking at a few photos with types of garden designs on Pinterest or even getting inspiration from games or Disney movies is enough to spark your enthusiasm for a marvelous, flowering garden.

Consider Shade & Sun Areas

A critical part of outlining your garden area is taking areas with shade and sun into consideration. Flowers can be very sensitive to the amount of sunlight they get, and finding the perfect balance can be the difference between a blossoming plant and a lifeless one.

As a general rule, most garden flowers need to get plenty of sunshine to be able to grow, but this does not apply to all. When planning your landscape and choosing the flowers for your garden, you should always be careful and read the instructions for sunlight beforehand.

Calculate Your Colors

The secret to a garden so beautiful that no words in the English language can describe is choosing the right colors.

Contrast purple with red, blue with orange, and white with any other bold shades in each plant selection to make your backyard a breath-taking landscape.

You can shop online and make a game out of creating a color pattern for your flower garden. It doesn’t matter

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