Fine Gardening is one of the top magazines for plant aficionados that provides useful advice for gardeners of all skill levels from experienced horticulturists and landscaping design specialists.

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A Fine Gardening subscription provides you with access to the online versions of back issues, as well as to special articles on the site and app. We are going to lay out the highlights of its best editions, as well as the website so that you can get a better idea about it can offer.

1. How To Have The Best Looking Containers

This amazing article was published back in 2007 in the 116th issue of the Fine Gardening Magazine. Writer Jennifer Benner perfectly lays out the most important steps you have to go through to have perfect containers, so take a look at these valuable tips and tricks!

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Add Lots of Water and Don’t Forget About Nutrients

As long as you take proper care of your flowers and supply them with enough water, they will grow beautifully in your container. Once you add some nutrients to the mix, you will have pure gardening jewels as the plants will thrive. Buy the best nutritional products for the plants you have included in the container and watch the magic come to life!

Cut Off Spent Flowers and Leaves

This is something we advise you do periodically so as to ensure that all the nutrients your plants have help the parts that will develop from here on. By letting decaying parts linger on, all that energy is virtually wasted.

Pruning Is the Key To a Gorgeous Container

Regular pruning can keep your containers balanced. Study the growth pattern of your plants, especially if you have included more than one per container and identify aggressive growers. Then just snip them back into the shape you want. You can do your pruning up to 2-3 times a year and make sure you do it either in the morning or the evening so that the stems are still bendable.

Water Your Plants The Smart Way

Choose plastic or metal containers instead of terracotta-based ones, as the former can maintain moisture for longer. Also, don’t forget to add saucers under your containers, so that there is a water resource available just in case you forget to water your plants.

2. Keep Your Weeds Under Control

Getting rid of those pesky weeds can be easy if you abide by the amazing tips that Miss Barbara Pleasant presents in her article from the 127th edition of Fine Gardening Magazine. Take a look and we guarantee that the weeds in your garden will be considerably diminished.

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Stick to the Weeds From The Top

You only need to take out the weeds from the top portion of the soil to ensure that they come back in lesser numbers. The explanation is simple: the soil in your garden is filled up with seeds, but the only ones that can generate plants are those at the top because the ones further below simply do not get enough light and nutrients. Furthermore, by digging up under the weeds you pull out, you are essentially laying the ground for future ones.

Add Mulch to Limit The Weeds You Get

Add any type of mulch netting you want around the plants in your garden to prevent weeds from breathing properly under it.

Choose Your Weed Battles

It is much easier to take out weeds when the soil is moist, rather than when it is excessively dry. Doing your weeding after the rain is the best possible moment and you will be all that more efficient.

Off With their Heads

Weeds that spread seeds from their generous flower heads are your worst enemy because they are particularly efficient. So, if you don’t have the time or the proper tools to take out the entire plant, arm yourself with simple pruning loafers or even a steady knife and cut off their heads to prevent the “seed storm”.

Limit Your Watering To The Plants You Want To Grow

When you water the plants in your garden, you provide sustenance for the weeds they share the soil with as well. This could mostly be avoided if you only add water to the base of your plant. You can also use drip or soaker hoses for to deprive the weeds of your water completely.

3. How To Articles

Whether you are a gardening beginner, or you have gathered significant experience by now, the How To page on Fine includes some amazing videos that are well worth your time.

4. Step by Step Guides For Beginners

Even without a Fine Gardening subscription, you can access the amazing video guides for beginners that will provide you with significant insight into the ABCs of this dynamic hobby.

5. Advanced Practices For Experienced Gardeners

Skilled gardeners can find articles on how to grow and maintain pretentious plants such as delicate roses and orchids. By putting these tips and tricks into practice, your gardens will be true diamonds in no time.

6. Do It Yourself Projects

If you like building things, aside from growing lush green plants, then take a look at the ingenious ideas from Fine Gardening Magazine. Whether you are looking to change the containers in your garden with personalized versions or to build charming decorations such as tuteurs, the How To page has it all laid out for you.

We hope we have made you curious about what the Fine Gardening Magazine has to offer. Here is what you can do next:

  • Go to their official website to find more amazing content.
  • Buy the paper-based magazine from newsstands, or you can go to their official webpage, to find an extensive collection of enticing articles and videos.
  • Download the Fine Gardening App to access the content from your phone or tablet.

If you are a gardening novice, take a look at our Gardening 101 guide to find some valuable advice about the first steps to follow for a stunning garden.

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