About Us

Hi and welcome to FloraExplorer.com.

We know you didn’t stumble upon us by accident– You’re here for one reason and one reason alone.

Horticulture, of course!

When thinking of horticulture, your mind goes directly to flower gardens bursting with gorgeous colors, bright and fun. But don’t forget about gardens that are bursting with delicious veggies and fruits. And surely don’t forget about landscaping.

Here you will learn about everything green, growing, and beautiful.

Often times we think that planting flowers or a food garden is just a “plant it and leave it” type deal, but in actuality, it’s a ton of work. It takes a special person to keep up with natures beauty. If you’re not that person, we are here to help you when it comes to knowing what are weeds and what are flowers. We will help you recognize the best fertilizers and the worst pesticides.

If you’ve got a question, don’t hesitate to ask. We are here to help with your gardening needs. Be sure to let us know if you’ve got some gardening tips that you can’t live without that you would like to share with other gardeners! We’d love to hear from you!

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